Date:  Sat 17th August

16 players - £20.00 WORGORE TV patreons privileges are in play. So the Master comes free, Hardened Warriors get 50% off and the Local Militia receive a £5 discount

Rules pack: -

3 games, 2000pts of Age of Sigmar.  

Each table is adorned with a neoprene mat and a generous spread of fantastic looking scenery. 

The tables also have scenery dice, command point tokens, wound markers, objective markers, tokens for most regular actions, battle tactics and scoreboards. In fact you really only need to bring a smile and your army. 

All your other needs will be catered for. 

PayPal to (Friends & Family)  In the note just mention the name of the event.

Location: Worgore TV Studio, Carver Church Lake Road Windermere Cumbria LA23 2BY


1, Ben Cronin

2, Jane Slater

3, Adam Maiden 

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